An Unfinished Ballad was the first comprehensive exhibition dedicated to Scott Cohen’s body of work. Cohen’s photographic travelogues capture a magical reality, a dreamy abstraction lodged inside a nearly imagined verité. Elements of nature, urban scenes and the occasional figure, inform the land- scape of an unfolding ballad. Thought of as a lyrical promenade, near and beyond, the exhibition presents a collection of dispatches that conjure both nostalgia and anticipation of an ephemeral world. Exhibition Dec 2013 in Soho, NYC.

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Scott Cohen’s work is centered around the interplay between disciplines. He’s a versatile artist working in film, photography and design. Cohen has a long history of blending filmmaking and classic still photography to create photographic works as the final medium – large-scale pigment and platinum prints that are each unique handcrafted pieces. His mural size work is literary in presence and often reads more as drawings than photographs. Memory, movement and nostalgia run through the work as if they are ephemeral moments of journeyman. A recent body of work shot in Antarctica compliments Cohen’s soon to be complete narrative feature film, Red Knot, a poetic meditation of marriage, shot on a research vessel crossing the southern ocean to Antarctica. His work can be found in numerous private collections in the U.S, South America and Europe.

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Barbara Stehle is an independent curator and art advisor who has worked for several museums including the Centre Pompidou and The Zurich Kunsthaus. She has worked in diverse echelons of the contemporary art world, written extensively on modern art and architecture, and published a seminal thesis on the work of Max Beckmann. Beyond advising collectors and working with contemporary artists, Stehle is well known for her fierce intellect and deep knowledge of the visual arts, which she regularly uses to challenge graduate students as a lecturer at the Rhode Island School of Design.

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